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Episode 83: Hunters


This is where we first see a real encounter with the Hirogen. StarFleet has finally able to contact Voyager through a series of transmission arrays belonging to the Hirogen. Voyager is very excited to hear back from home, that is, until the Hirogen demand they stop using the arrays. Of course, Janeway refuses and continues to recover letters from home being transmitted over the array.

Letters continue to be downloaded, spreading good and bad news alike. Tuvok learns there is another addition to his family, while Janeway learns her fiance has married another woman, having given her up as dead for three years. Chakotay and Torres learn that a large majority of their Maquis friends have been imprisoned or killed by the Cardassians and their new Dominion allies. Tom Paris, facing the possibility of a difficult letter from home, realizes his own problems pale in relation to Torres’ news. Tuvok and Seven of Nine go to the array in an attempt to retrieve more of the data, however, they are soon captured by the Hirogen.

Tuvok and Seven are actively tortured by the Hunters, but they are soon rescued by the Voyager crew. However, the communications array can no longer be used, despite all attempts from Janeway and the crew.

Note: The information in the Second Paragraph, refering to the content of the letters, was obtained through a wikipedia article. To view it in full, click here:


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