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Janeway: “Tuvok, I can hear your objections already. I am not leaving.”
Tuvok: “Given Voyager’s damaged state, the probability of your surviving an armed conflict … is marginal.”
Janeway: “Oh, I know the odds. But I have to stay. Voyager’s done too much for us.”
Tuvok: “Curious. I have never understood the Human compulsion to emotionally bond with inanimate objects. This vessel has done nothing. It is an assemblage of bulkheads, conduits, tritanium – nothing more.”
Janeway: “Oh, you’re wrong. It’s much more than that. This ship has been our home. It’s kept us together. It’s been part of our family. As illogical as this might sound, I feel as close to Voyager as I do to any other member of my crew. It’s carried us, Tuvok. Even nurtured us. And right now, it needs one of us.”
Tuvok: “I respect your decision. Live long and prosper, Captain.”
Janeway: “Same to you, … old friend.”

~Year of Hell, Part II


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Tuvok: “Would it affect your decision if I pointed out that encroaching on a territory of an alien species is prohibited by Starfleet regulations?”

Kathryn Janeway: “No, it wouldn’t.”

Tuvok: “Captain, you have managed to surprise me.

Kathryn Janeway: We’re a long way from Starfleet, Lieutenant. I’m not about to waste 15 months because we’ve been run into a bunch of bullies.”


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One: “I was never meant to be. As long as I exist, you are in danger. All life on Voyager is in danger.”

The Doctor: “We can talk about this later.” [Attempts to administer a hypospray but is stopped by One’s force field]

Seven of Nine:  “Allow the Doctor to proceed. Lower the force field.”

The Doctor: “His synapses are failing.”

Seven of Nine: “You must comply.”

One: “I will not.”

Seven of Nine: “You must comply! Please… [quieter] You are hurting me.”

One: [Dying] “You will adapt.”


Captain Janeway: “I can tell you this: One of two things is going to happen… either Seven and I will succeed on our mission, and return within a few days… or your long-range sensors will detect a large explosion in subspace. If that occurs, you’ll have less than ten seconds to jump to warp, and get the hell out of here. Head for the Alpha Quadrant and don’t look back. Understood?”

~The Omega Directive

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Captain Janeway: “Mr. Kim, we’re Starfleet officers. Weird is part of the job.”


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Captain Janeway: “In case I never get a chance to say this: I realise that I’ve been hard on you at times, but it was never out of anger, or regret that I brought you on board. I’m your Captain. That means I can’t always be a friend. Understand?”

7 of 9: ” No. However, if we are assimilated, our thoughts will become one, and I’m sure I will understand perfectly. [to a shocked Janeway] A joke, Captain. You yourself have encouraged me to use my sense of humor.”

~Hope and Fear

Captain Janeway: “When diplomacy fails, there’s only one alternative: violence. Force must be applied without apology. It’s the Starfleet way.”

~Living Witness

P.S. – To all readers, Janeway in this quote was from a story another alien created. This was not really the Starfleet way.

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Janeway: “Despite starfleet protocol, ensign, I do not wish to be called ‘sir’. ‘Ma’am’ will do in a crunch, but I prefer ‘captain’.

Ensign Kim [minutes later]: “Yes Ma’am!”

Janeway: “It’s not crunch time yet, Mr. Kim; I’ll let you know when.”