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The Insignias

The Comm Badge

The Maquis Rank Insignia

 The Starfleet Rank Insignias

Here is a short description of what the pins on the neck of the uniforms signify.

Solid Stripe Pin (second picture): The rank insignia given to the maquis crew members. Because the Maquis were not Starfleet, the insignias stood for provisional ranks and not Starfleet ranks

The Pips (last picture):

One pip: Ensign

Two pips: Lieutenant

Three pips, one black: Lt. Commander

Three pips, regular: Commander

Four pips: Captain



Here is a short description of what the colors of the uniforms signify on Voyager.

Red: Command –┬áCaptains, First Officers, and those who chose that department. (Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, and Tom Paris)

Yellow: Operations – Those that run the ship; Security, Engineering, etc. (Tuvok, B’ Elanna Torres, and Harry Kim)

Blue: Science – Medical and Astrometrics. (The Doctor)

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