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The Prime Directive

The Prime Directive is the first and most-referenced directive in Voyager. The Directive states that there can be no interferance with the internal affairs of Alien Species. It also states that societies still in pre-warp development (they have not yet developed intersteller technology) can not be informed of any such technology. The directive also states not to interfere with the natural development of such a species or culture. With advanced species, one is permited to aid species upon request, but never to “take matters into their own hands.” The prime directive may only be overidden by the Omega Directive.


This is the Omega Particle

This is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, Omega

The Omega directive was first adressed on Voyager on episode 89 – The Omega Directive. When Voyager comes across the infamous Omega particle, known only to Janeway, she insists she will handle it, at first only requiring the asistance of 7 of 9. However, with the lack of the special task force at Starfleet Acedemy, Janeway informs the crew about the omega directive. The directive orders all Starfleet Captains to ingnore the prime directive and all others in order to destroy the omega particle at all costs. This is because omega is very unstable, and even the destruction of one particle could nullify subspace many lightyears around it, rendering speeds faster than the speed of light impossible. For further descriptions of the episode, see Season 4 Noteables.