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Left on a planet alone, the Voyager crew (besides Paris, Sudor, and the Doctor) have managed to find inhabitants on the planet, though they are not friendly. On Voyager, Sudor is able to hide his whereabouts on Voyager by using his maquis skills. The Doctor and Tom do the best they can to reclaim the ship from the Kazon.

Sudor is forced to kill a Kazon, and as an attempt to hide him, the Doctor takes the blame. Seska doesn’t buy it, but shuts down his program just to be sure.

Back on the planet, one of the crew is devoured by a worm-like creature. Kes and Neelix are kidnapped by the natives, and Chakotay unsuccessfully tries to get them back. They manage to get them free by running into a cave. Unfortunately, the natives flush them out with fire.

Suder and the Doctor risk their lives to repel the Kazon. Suder, under orders from Tom Paris, who is with a Talaxian convoy, attacks the engineering section of Voyager. His goal is to sabotage the phaser weapon systems. He succeeds, but is shot in the back by a dying Kazon and dies moments after. The Kazon then attempt to destroy Tom Paris’ shuttle but the sabotaged phaser coupling overloads, killing most of the Kazon and so they decide to abandon Voyager. Seska herself has been mortally wounded; she stumbles into Janeway’s ready room and dies next to her child, who survived. Maje Culluh, one of the few survivors of the attack, momentarily grieves for Seska, and then takes the baby and leaves.

On the planet, volcanic eruptions have forced the Voyager crew and the natives to move out together. Chakotay gains the respect of the natives when he rescues one of their children from a lava flow. The leader of the tribe gathers together plants that help Ensign Wildman’s baby to recover. The crew and the natives both watch in bewilderment as Voyager descends to the planet to pick them up. Tom Paris greets Janeway and the crew on the bridge and explains of Suder’s deeds. In Sickbay, there is a brief conversation over the bodies of Seska and Suder; Tuvok wishes for Suder the peace he had not been able to gain in life. Voyager continues on the journey home.

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Q shows up for the second time on Voyager, this time with an interesting proposal. Q arrives in Janeway’s quaters, begging her to mate him. Of course, she says no, but not without inquiring why. Q insists that the Captain should be honored, but Janeway will hear nothing of it. She demands that Q leave, and eventually he does.

He does not disappear for long, however. He soon reappears on Voyager, only to teleport the Captain and himself to the Q Continuum, where the Q are in the middle of a civil war. Though Q took the liberty of portraying the battle like the one in america, the guns are much more powerful.Though Q is immortal, he is heavily wounded from the gun shots.

As Q eventually explains, this whole battle arose from the suicide of his fried Quinn (see Episodes – Season s Noteables – Death Wish on this site). Some Q took Quinn’s side, saying that immortality is a curse, while others believe the exact opposite. As a result, the Q have a revolution on their hands, with Voayger stuck in the middle.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew observe a series of supernovas, as while as the arrival of a female Q. The female Q is Q’s wife, who has lost her powers and explains that the war has caused both that loss and the supernovae.

With Voyager’s help, the female Q manages to get the crew to the continuum, equipped with Q weapons. Janeway and Q are freed, and brought safely back on Voyager. Once back, the female Q and Q happily rejoin and agree to have a child, thus giving “new blood” to the Q  race.

When the new child is born, Q asks that Janeway be the child’s godmother, to which she greatfully says “yes.”

Janeway is caught in a constant loop of different events, all ending in her death. It all started when Chakotay and she were shot down in their shuttle, where Chakotay had to save her by using CPR. After that, their shuttle is destroyed. After that, Janeway is back on the shuttle, where she crashes again. Only this time, she is not revived by Chakotay.

Though Chakotay tries with all his might to save her, it’s no use. When the Captain is back on Voyager, the Doctor attempts to revive her, but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Janeway watches all of it happen: Chakotay crying “Kathryn!” over her dead body, the Doctor screaming “Again!” in sick bay, and all her crew watching. It is at this moment that Janeway is greeted by a familiar face: her father. He stays with Janeway as she watches her crew and sees her body being sent into space. At first, Janeway is convinced the man is her father.

Soon, that opinion changes. Janeway wants to stay longer, so as to see her crew get home. However, her “father” insists that she let go and come with him. That’s when she knows something’s up; her father was a wise man, but he would never insist that Kathryn not follow her heart, as he was doing. Soon, Janeway keeps on flashing back to the scene with the crashed shuttle. The man, who Janeway no knows is an alien, keeps on trying to get her to come with him, where she shall be trapped. Janeway stands strong, and states, “go to hell, coward,” as she is revived on the planet, and wakes up in Chakotay’s arms.

As it turns out, the whole cycle was created by the alien, and all the images were just in Janeway’s head. The only thing that was real was the shuttle crash, and Chakotay trying to revive her. As Janeway experienced the visions, Chakotay, the Doctor and others were attempting to revive her on the planet. Each time she died in a vision, the real Janeway died, but each time she came back, so did the real Janeway. Her persistence was the one thing which kept her alive.

The Doctor downloads the characteristics from some of the world’s best minds: Gandhi, Mozart, and others. He thinks that he will add some positive characteristics to his program by doing so. Unfortunately, there are bad side effects. As B’ Elanna soon discovered, the Doctor unknowingly downloaded those characters’ bad characteristics as well. Now, those “bad sides” are starting to become one large being, which takes over the Doctor’s program like the potion did to Dr. Jekel. This creates a “good” Doctor and a “bad” Doctor, in a sense, as he continues to switch between the normal him and the person overtaken  by evil. The good Doctor does everything he can to stop it, while the bad Doctor does everything he can to eleiminate the good Doctor all together, leaving only him.

Of course, no one on the ship is going to let this happen. The bad Doctor kidnaps Kes and brings her to the alien planet where Voyager was. The Doctor forces Kes and himself off a cliff, but Voyager manages to rescue them in time. In the end, the Doctor’s program is returned to normal.

In this episode, Kes becomes the 24th century Benjamin Button, as she time jumps backwards, starting just before her death. She first wakes up on Voyager, where she has a husband (Tom Paris), a daughter, a son-in-law (Harry Kim), and a grandson. The Doctor was about to preform a procedure which would extend Kes’ lifespan. When she jumps again, the Doctor is just briefing Kes on how the procedure will be carried out. She jumps again, and her grandson is even younger. She continues to jump, to where her grandson is being born, to where her daughter is born, and to the Year of Hell (see Season 4 Noteables). She learns of the Krenem, which would fire the torpedo which caused Kes’ jumps. Before she can tell the Doctor the signature on the torpedo, she jumps again. The jumps become even more frequent, and Kes only has a few minutes to explain to the Doctor what is going on. In one of the times to which Kes jumps, the Doctor and B’ Elanna finally figure out what’s going on. Kes jumps and jumps again, back to her childhood on Ocampa, then back to her birth, then back to the first seperation of her cells.

Fortunately, the Doctor and B’ Elanna manage to reverse the process and stop it at present time. Kes soon reappears to the proper time, where she tells the Captain about the Krenem.

In this episode, the Doctor felt it would be beneficial for him to start a holodeck program with his own family. Several of the crew members had been complaining that the Doctor has no sympathy nor understanding for what they’re really going through. As an attempt to solve that problem, the Doctor creates a happy family – perhaps a bit too happy. The mom is completely understanding, and the kids are as obedient as Ella Enchanted. B’ Elanna and Kes realize this family is just too good to be true, so B’ Elanna makes some adjustments. The mom is now grouchy and busy, the daughters a pure tomboy in every sense of the word, and the son is rebellious. It all comes as a huge shock to the Doctor, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. He tries adding structure, forbidding his son’s klingon friends, and adding rules, but this family does not come with an instruction manual.

Eventually, the Doctor gets the perspective he desired, but at a price. His daughter died of a sports injury, and the Doctor nearly refused to continue the program. But, soon, he realizes that there is no changing real life.

In this episode, B’ Elanna  Torres stumbles upon a holodeck program. In this program, the participant is asked by Chakotay if he will join him in a scheduled mutiny on Voyager, curtesy of the Maquis. Word gets around, and soon, everyone has tried it out. Tom Paris gets really far into it, to the point where all the Maquis (along with some others) take over the ship while Janeway and the holographic Paris are away. As Janeway and holographic Paris plan to re-take the ship, the real Tom is playing on the side of the Maquis. In no time at all, the holographic Tom meets the real Tom (see ‘Tom, meet Tom!’ picture in scrapbook) and the program stops.

After Janeway hears word of the program at a briefing, Tuvok admits to having creating the program but never finishing it; Tuvok was worried that the content of the program would spark an actual mutiny on board, so he tried to delet it, obivously not succeeding. Everyone, including the Captain, is eager to see the end, so, reluctantly, Tuvok and Paris work on finishing the program. Once they get on the holodeck and into the program, they are met by an unexpected guest: Seska.

Seska was supposed to be dead long before that, when she ran off with the Kazon. In fact, the real Seska was, but, while she was still on Voyager, she made a program of herself which would appear once Tuvok tried to continue the program. Now, the holographic Seska was keeping the two crewmen hostage. Seska could also effect the ship outside the holodeck, and endangers the safety of the entire crew. Janeway and Torres find a way to make slight alterations to the program as it is still running as an attempt to free Paris and Tuvok. In the end, Janeway makes one of the phasers in Seska’s hand overload, causing the program to end. This was the last any of the Voyager crew saw of Seska.

This is arguably the most important season finale  in the history of Star Trek: Voyager. In this episode, Voyager finally faces the moment they all knew would come eventually. Voyager has to pass through borg space, no way around it. Fortuately, their is a way through it. This route, dubbed the “Northwest Passage” by the crew, is filled with gravimetric distortions. But, as many agreed, distortions are much better than the borg. Or so they thought. Despite the new found route, Janeway still orders the crew to prepare for a confrontation. The Doctor and Kes work on a way to combat the borg nanoprobes, and make good progress.

Soon, Kes starts seeing desturbing visions, starting with a pile of borg corpses. Many visions follow, all signifying destroyed cubes and a dead Voyager crew. Before long, the crew is met by six borg cubes. Fortunately, these cubes did not attack the ship, but instead were fleeeing from something else. Tuvok soon informs Janeway that the cubes’ power signatures have stopped. When Voyager went to where the cubes had stopped, they were surprised to find the cubes destroyed, with a bioship attached to one of the remaining cube’s hull.

Janeway sends Chakotay, Tuvok and Harry to investigate the cube. Upon arriving, they see the same thing Kes first saw in her vision: the pile of borg corpses. The away team find a connection to the bioship, and Chakotay and Tuvok investigate, leaving Harry still on the cube. At the same time, Kes has a vision of Harry screaming. She informs the Captain and Janeway orders an emergency beam-out. Before B’ Elanna can get a skeletal lock, however, the away team is met by the owner of the bioship, who attacks Harry. Just before they are beamed out, Kes’ vision is fulfilled as Harry’s injuries leave him screaming.

After the away team leaves, the bioship fires at Voyager but does not pursue her. As Voyager back-tracks, Kes recieves a telepathic message from the alien saying, “the weak shall perish.” Back at sick bay, the Doctor informs Janeway that an infection has spread through Harry’s body that he cannot combat with any traditional methods. The Doctor proposes using borg nano-probes to attack the infection at the cellular level, though it may be too late. Despite all this, Janway proceeds with the journey towards the northwest passage. Upon entering it a day later, Voyager is confronted by 133 bioships. B’ Elanna soon discoevers (through analsys of the borg cube) that the alien species was named species 8472 by the borg. Species 8472 had defeated the borg on several occassions.

As Kes continues to hear, “the weak shall perish,” more bioships arrive from a quantum similarity (which caused the gravimetric distortions) and plan to distroy everything. With all this going on, Janeway comes up with a rather radical solution: an alliance with the borg. She speculated that the borg would be so desperate for the information and the Doctor’s nanoprobes that there would be a way to establish an agreement, even if it was only a weak one. Janeway plans to offer the information to the borg but not reveal it until Voyager is safely out of borg space. Chakotay tries to explain to the Captain that it’s simply too great a risk, justifying it with a Scorpion parable (see noteable quotes) which basically says that, even if two enemies make an agreement, the nature of the one to kill the other will overrule that agreement. Chakotay fears the borg will turn on them and assimilate them anyway.

As a way of preventing this, Janeway explains that all the information they plan to give to the borg will remain on the Doctor’s database. If worse comes to worse, the crew will earase the Doctor’s program and the borg will not be able to defeat species 8472.

So, with all this in mind, Paris sets a course for the nearest borg cube. As expected, the borg accounce their usual greeting, “We are the borg; you will be assimilated; resistance is futile.” Before any assimilation can happen, however, Janeway establishes a com link with the cube. She barely finishes describing two sentences of her proposal before she is beemed aboard the cube. Janeway and the collective almost establish an agreement when a quantum singularity appears and ten bioships emerge through it.

The bioships pass the cube and Voyager (which is attached to the cube by way of a tractor beam) and head straight for a near-by planet, which is completely occupied by borg. Species 8472 destroys the planet, leaving the cube, with Voyager in tow, only a few seconds to avoid the explosion. This disaster scene is where Part I stops and Part II begins. For a description of Part II, see Episodes-Season 4 Noteables on this site.