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The crew come across a supposedly uninhabited planet. Upon further investigation, they discover seven individuals, frozen in stasis. Janeway arranges for them to be awakened, and soon, seven people from the 1930s emerge. Amoung them are Amelia Earhart, her assistant, a Japenese man, and an african-american farmer. All report that the last thing they remember was a bright flash, and flying higher and higher into the air. These aliens were known as the Briori. At first, the 37s are sceptical, but they eventually agree to go on Voyager. While on their way their, the crew and the 37s are attacked. However, once the attackers see who they are, they cease fire. The attackers turn out to be humans, the descendents of the 37s. As the 37s learn, the Briori took them from earth in the 20th century, took them to the delta quadrant, and enslaved them. Through the years, the descendents revolted, sealing the 37s in stasis for protection. The humans are overjoyed to see the 37s alive and well, and welcome them into their society.

As this all happens, Janeway and some of the crew begin to feel homesick; the human’s world on this planet is remarkably similar to starfleet and 24th century earth. There is very little crime, and the society flourishes with its advanced technology. Recognizing that some of her crew may want to say, she announces that anyone who wishes to stay behind on the planet will be allowed to do so, no questions asked. Janeway asks that all those who wish to take her offer meet in the cargo bay in one hour.

When that one hour passes, Janeway enters the cargo bay to find no one there, and a small smile fills her face. Though the crew misses home, they are not willing to abandon the crew and settle for second best. So, leaving the 37s on the planet, the crew resumes their course towards home.


After an accident, the Doctor becomes stranded on Voyager’s holodeck, with no memory on how he got there. When he is activated, he finds all the crew gone except Janeway and Torres. These two explain that the Kazon attacked the ship, and Janeway ordered the crew to the escape pods. The Kazon captured the pods, leaving three people, and one hologram, on the ship. The Doctor discovers Neelix in the mess hall, trying to fend off a solitary Kazon. When all four are back in sick bay, the Doctor examines them with a tricorder. No lifesigns show up on the tricorder. Then, just as a test, the Doctor scans himself. Heartrate, blood pressure, and other signs of life are picked up. Janeway, recognizing an enigma of sorts, tells the computer to shut off all holographic projections. Within the blink of an eye, the three crewmen disappear from sight. The Doctor, now alone, tries to figure out what is going on. Within a minute, a man appears, claiming that he has been trying to get “Dr. Zimmerman” out of there for the past six hours. At first, the Doctor is skeptical, but when he asks the computer if he is Dr. Louis Zimmerman, the computer responds, “Affirmative.” As the man tries to explain, the Doctor is a real person, who started the program in an attempt to study the outcome of a strfleet-maquis crew. Something went wrong when he entered the program, causing him to believe he was part of the program. The best part, he’s only been on the program six hours, not six months.

The Doctor preforms many tests to prove the man correct, including destroying the ship’s holographic projecters (he’s still there), walking out of sick bay (he does not disappear), and witnessing the man restart the program, causing the Doctor to relive the first day he was activated.

The Doctor begins to wonder if it is all true. Soon, the man explains that the program is deteriating the Doctors brain; if the program is not terminated, he will die. The man convinces the Doctor to try and destroy the warp core, but just before he does, Chakotay appears, telling him to stop.

The Doctor is told that he merely began a holonovel on the holodeck, and some interference blocked his memory circuits. Chakotay also explains that if the warp core is destroyed, the Doctor’s program will disappear. Now, questions after questions bombard the doctor’s mind: human, or hologram?, to destroy or to not destroy the ship? The whole thing just gives him a headache.

He soon wakes up in sick bay, Janeway, Tuvok, Chakotay, and Kes looking down at him. At first, he thinks he is back. But then, the man appears again, saying its not too late. Time speeds up for the Doctor, as he is called over to assist a patient, once again on his first day of activation, and the patient is him. “Just hold on, Doctor,” the patient says with Janeway’s voice. Then, like waking up from a bad dream, the program shuts down, and the Doctor finds himself on the holodeck, the Captain before him. Soon, the doctor realizes it was all a program, and so is he.

The crew encounter a planet which flourishes with Ocampa. One of them comes on board, and helps Kes with her telepathic abilities. He teaches her telekinesis, and how to heat up a cup of coffee. Soon, he teaches Kes to “bring the fire.” As Kes’s abilities become more and more out of control, so does the activity on the ship. As it is soon discovered, the ocampa on the planet survive with the help of a being similar to that of the caretaker. This being is his counterpart which disappeared before Voyager met him. When she senses the presence of her counterpart (which resides in a stone on Voyager), she begins attacking Voyager and everyone on it. The only thing which stops her is Kes, and soon, the female caretaker and the Ocampa leave Voyager for good. Unfortunately, this also eliminated yet another way home. Once the ocampa leaves, Kes seems to lose her destructive abilities; she cannot even heat up a glass of water. Tuvok resumes his program with her, slowing helping Kes strengthen her abilities once more, this time with more control.

Tom Paris manages to be the first to break the transwarp threshold. While traveling in the starship Cochrane, Paris successfully reaches warp ten. However, when he returns to the ship, he experiences some adverse side effects; Traveling at warp ten (which caused him to occupy nearly every place in space-time at once) sped up his evolution process. Before long, Tom was barely recognizable, as he had evolved into what man would have looked like a few billion years in the furture (a process which only took five hours). This odd Tom kidnaps Captain Janeway, taking her to warp ten and to another planet. When Voyager finally locates and catches up with them, they find that traveling at warp ten has had the same effect on the Captain; two lizards, which were evolved forms of Tom and the Captain, emerge on a rock, with new born babies behind them. Fortunately, the Doctor finds a way to reverse the effects once both crewmen are back on Voyager.


The Voyager crew recieves a visit from a member of the Q continuum, who seeks assylum. He wishes to commit suicide – to escape his life of immortality. This man becomes known as Quinn. Soon, the infamous Q comes after Quinn, trying to talk some sense into him. However, the more and more Quinn explains his reasoning, the more Q starts to agree. In the end, Q gives Quinn a poison which kills Quinn before the Voyager doctor can do anything to prevent it. Quinn’s suicide starts a “civil war” in the continuum.

Janeway meets Janeway

In an attempt to avoid the Vidiians, Voyager passes through a dense nebula. When the crew has safely passed through it, they run into sub-space turbulance and B’ Ellana proposes using a series of photon-bursts to stabilize Voyager. What nobody realizes, however, is that once Voyager left the nebula, the photon bursts duplicated Voyager, creating “quantum doubles.” On one, before they can even begin the photon bursts, Voyager is  bombarded by bursts from an unknown source, causing haul breaches all over the ship. Harry Kim is killed through one of them and ensign Wildman’s baby died due to equipment failure in sick bay. Janeway is forced to evacuate the bridge, but just before she leaves, she sees another vision of herself, sitting calmly in her chair.

Meanwhile, the other Voyager’s Janeway sees a ghostly image of herself running away from the bridge. As she explains to Chakotay: “I looked like Hell.” It is the in-tact Voyager which first realizes what is going on. Janeway orders her B’ Ellana to stop firing the photon bursts. Soon, the two ships find a way to get into contact with one another. What both Janeways come to realize is that though the photon-bursts duplicated matter, it did not do the same for anti-matter; The Voyagers were like saimese twins joined at the heart: Both crews shared one warp core. This was a situation which could not last for long.

A few plans are tossed back and forth: the crews could unite on one ship, they could try seperating the two ships, or they could try merging them. The first two were investigated by the B’ Ellanas and found not to work; only a maximum of two people could cross from one ship to the other without upsetting the balance, and seperating them was not possible without destroying both in the process. The crews agree to try the latter plan, but end up seperating the ships even more, forcing them to abort the plan.

The crews run into another problem when a ship of Vidiians takes advantage of the ship’s situation (They are only aware of the existance of one ship) and boards the Voyager with less damage to the ship. Both Janeways realize there is only one way to win the fight: destroy the boarded ship, leaving the other. So, just as the Vidiians board, Janeway sets the self-destruct sequence, and sends Kim with Wildman’s baby (both from her ship) across to the other ship.

The Vidiians are destroyed in the self-destruct sequence, leaving one Voyager with a full crew, and a few patches to mend.

This episode will remind the audience of the cricus, because, frankly, that’s all it is. The crew discover aliens trapped in a machine which has all their minds linked. They have their own little world created, which was set to terminate years before. The aliens are stuck because their fear created a charcter which was everything they did not want. However, they soon began to fear him, making him all the more powerful. Harry Kim and B’ Ellana Torres go into the machine’s world, attempting to help, but end up getting trapped as well. It ends up taking a trade – Janeway for the two crewmen – to free them. Here’s the catch: Janeway was hooked up to the machine, but not sedated into the world. Instead, a hologram of her was sent in, fooling fear into thinking it was her. Then, because Janeway wasn’t really there, fear had nothing to thrive on, and was destroyed.

A transporter accident merges Tuvok and Neelix, creating a whole new person. In this process, both character get an insight on what the other one is feeling and thinking. Tuvok begins to realize Neelix’s carefree attitude, and Neelix begins to understand the concept of logic. Though this might be all well and good, this transformation has left the crew begging for the return of two, seperate crewmen. The Doctor explains that the procedure is possible, with only one glitch, on a moral level: The accident did not just merge two crewmen, it created a whole knew one. In order to get Tuvok and Neelix back, the Doctor would be killing that third individual. The Captain, wanting the return of her crewmen, makes an executive decision to continue with the procedure. Soon, Neelix and Tuvok are back to their normal selves.

In this episode, Seska, the crew member found to be a spy for the Kazon, and the Kazon Nistrim take control of Voyager. The Kazon leave Voyager on a supposedly unhabitable planet, not knowing that the Doctor or Sudor are still on board. Sudor was a crewman who committed murder on the ship, and was in the brig at the time of the attack. Tom Paris returned from an away mission, finding the Kazon. Fortunately, the Kazon do not notice him at first, leaving Paris to help the Doctor and Sudor regain control of the ship.  As the Doctor says,”One hologram and one sociopath may not be much of a match for the Kazon, but it will have to do.”