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This is the first, and therefore the most important, episode of the entire Voyager series. The plot begins in the year 2371.  It opens with Voyager in the Alpha Quadrant, on a mission to locate a maquis ship last seen in the bad lands. Upon entering the bad lands, Voyager is scanned by a “coherent tetryon beam” before being struck by a displacement wave of some type of “polarized magnetic variation.” When the crew recovers, they discover themselves at the outer edge of the delta quadrant – over 70,000 lightyears from home. On top of this, Voyager has suffered deaths of the second-in-command, helm officer, and chief engineer; the medical staff are also dead, leaving Voyager to rely on the ship’s EMH.

Soon, Voyager is beemed aboard a ship known as the Caretaker. There, the crew discovers the maquis crew members unconscious, and the victims of several experiments. Before the crew can react, they are also sedated and experimented on. When both crews are revived, they find they are each missing a crew member – Harry Kim from Voyager, and B’ Ellana Torres from the maquis. Captain Janeway proposes to the maquis leader, Chakotay, to  join their two cres in an attempt to find their missing crewmembers and return to the alpha quadrant.

The two ships are lead to an arid planet, where they encounter Neelix, a talaxian “junkhunter” who agrees to help them in exchange for their help rescuing his companion. Kes, as she was called, was being held prisoner by the Kazon. When Kes arrives, she explains that her people, the Ocampa, are bein cared for by an alien known as the Caretaker.  As the crews determine how to rescue Kim and Torres, the Caretaker moves the array closer to the planet and begins firing more lethal bursts of energy. Tuvok determines that the Caretaker is dying. Soon, they are able to rescue their two crewmembers.

The crews again attempt to engage the Caretaker to help return them to the Alpha Quadrant. The Caretaker reveals that he was part of an alien race whose technology had long ago accidentally caused the rainfall cycle on the Ocampa planet to become disrupted and leaving it arid. To make up for the error, he and another of his race stayed behind to care for the Ocampa. His companion having long moved on, the Caretaker has used the Array to seek species from distant galactic sectors with the potential to help him reproduce and maintain the array; the strange disease that Kim and Torres had was a result of that test. The Caretaker explains that with his impending death, he has started the self-destruct sequence on the array to prevent the technology from falling into the hands of the Kazon.

As the Caretaker dies, the ships are attacked by a Kazon fleet. Janeway and Chakotay coordinate the counterattack with both Voyager and the Maquis ship to protect the array; Chakotay sacrifices his vessel to destroy one of the Kazon ships, but the remains strike the array and disable the self-destruct sequence. Janeway opts to respect the Caretaker’s wishes and orders the destruction of the array despite it being their only chance at returning home. With the array destroyed, the Kazon fleet disengages from battle. As Voyager starts on a 75-year journey back to the alpha quadrant, Janeway integrates the maquis crew into the starfleet crew, with Chakotay as her first officer, and accepts Neelix and Kes’ offer to remain on board as a guide to the local area of space.

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The major plot for this episode is a bit dreary: Voyager is stuck in a quantum singularity’s event horizon. What makes this episode so important is the fact that B’ Ellana Torres is the one who comes up with a solution: find a chink in the ice. When her plan works, Janeway realizes B’ Ellana’s potential, and chooses her over Lt. Carey for chief engineer. Thus, B’ Ellana begins her journey as a real member of the Voyager crew.

The crew discovers a micro-wormhole which leads to the delta quadrant. The wormhole is too small for Voyager to fit through, but they do manage to establish a com link with someone on the other side – a romulan on a secret mission of his own. The romulan, upon hearing their story, is sceptical; the idea of a ship from the alpha quandrant lost in the delta quadrant is such a complex theory for him to accept right away. In order to prove their story true, B’ Ellana Torres manages to send a data storage device across the wormhole. When the romulan recieves it, he determines that it did indeed come from teh delta quandrant. The next step is to get someone from voyager across to his ship. The romulan refuses, worrying they will find out what he is really doing. As a comprimise, they beam the romulan over to Voyager. During the transportation process, the crew runs into some mysterious interference. The transport is successful, but when the romulan sees their ship, it is the most advanced piece of technology he’s ever seen. Soon, Janeway and the others discover that the transportation interference was a temperal flux; the romulan is from the past. Fortunately, he is only fifteen or so years behind. Some crew members, like Esign Harry Kim, are all for going back home, even if they’re a few years behind. However, Janeway points out the temperal prime directive: never mess with time. So, as another attempt, the crew assembles a set of letters home, which are all stored on a data storage device. The romulan promises to deliver the letters once his time reaches their present time, and Voyager sends him back across the wormhole. Just after the transport comences, Tuvok reveals terrible news: he found a data file on the romulan, and discovered that their messenger will die before he can deliver the messages. So, with sad hearts, the crew continues on their journey.

This is arguably the most important episode for B’ Ellana Torres’ character. B’ Ellana is taken by the Vidians, where they split her into two halves: one all human, one all clingon. The vidians experiment on her clingon half in order to see if she is imune to the phage, a terminal illness which plagues their race. B’ Ellana gets to look at her two halves individually – her clingon half very confident and tempermental, her human half shy and easily scared – and realizes the battle which has been going on in her head all along. This process makes her a much better individual when she is finally returned to her original form.