Name: Annika Hansen

Designation: 7 0f 9

Description: 7 0f 9 is the only member of the Voyager crew who had a past life as a Borg. She met Captain Janeway at the end of season four, on Scorpion part 1, when she was chosen as a representative of the Borg. Once Kess sent Voyager safely out of Borg space, 7 0f 9 was disconnected from the collective. At first, she was resistant to becoming human. She did not like the absence of voices in her head, leaving only one: her own. However, with the support and help from the Captain, her transition process was eased. Still, it took her a long time to get over her “imperfections,” something she was told not to tolerate as a borg. She was assimilated at a young age, when the borg attacked the starship Raven. Because the Borg were the closest thing to family 7 ever had, life as a borg was the only life she knew how to live. Later, she is thankful she is human, not borg. She is aided by the Doctor during her transition. 7 0f 9 is not known for her good communication or relationship skills, but rather her somewhat “cocky” attitude.