Category: Characters

About Kes

Name: Kes

Description: Kes is an ocampa which came on Voyager with Neelix after being a prisoner of the Kazon. She was only on the show for the first four seasons. In that time, her telepathic abilities developed substantially, aided mainly by Tuvok. This led to her exit at the beginning of season 5. She had developed her psiconic powers so much that she entered another state of being just after sending Voyager safely out of Borg space.


Name: Neelix

Description: Neelix is a Talaxian who was “junk-hunting” when he came into contact with Voyager on Caretaker. He soon became the chief moral officer, otherwise known as the ship’s cook. For as long as Kes was around, ahe helped him in the airponics bay. He is known for his many attempts at befriending Tuvok, or “Mr.Volcan.”

About 7 of 9

Name: Annika Hansen

Designation: 7 0f 9

Description: 7 0f 9 is the only member of the Voyager crew who had a past life as a Borg. She met Captain Janeway at the end of season four, on Scorpion part 1, when she was chosen as a representative of the Borg. Once Kess sent Voyager safely out of Borg space, 7 0f 9 was disconnected from the collective. At first, she was resistant to becoming human. She did not like the absence of voices in her head, leaving only one: her own. However, with the support and help from the Captain, her transition process was eased. Still, it took her a long time to get over her “imperfections,” something she was told not to tolerate as a borg. She was assimilated at a young age, when the borg attacked the starship Raven. Because the Borg were the closest thing to family 7 ever had, life as a borg was the only life she knew how to live. Later, she is thankful she is human, not borg. She is aided by the Doctor during her transition. 7 0f 9 is not known for her good communication or relationship skills, but rather her somewhat “cocky” attitude.

Name: Harry Kim

Rank: Ensign

Description: Harry Kim started out as a timid crew mamber who grew in confidence. He essentially acts as “the man in the red shirt”, even though his uniform is yellow. Of all the unfortunate happenings on Voyager, he is the victim of most. He essentially “traded crews” with a duplicate Voyager (Deadlock), was almost killed from the inside out (Scorpion), and almost caused the death of his entire crew (Timeless). On top of all this, he is also tormented by his crush on many women throughout the series (by season four, this woman was 7 of 9).

Name: The Doctor

Description: The Doctor is really a hologram. He is the Emergency Medical Hologram mark 1, or EMH, to be exact. His program was created by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman. He was first activated on Caretaker, when Voyager lost its living doctor. He is known for his medical skills, attentiveness, and unique sense of humor. He ponderd over names for himself, as well as his own existence. He is always at odds with Tom Paris, and aids 7 of 9 with her transition from Borg to human. He develops in character and wit as the series goes on.

Name: Thomas Eugene “Tom” Paris

Rank: Lieutenant, later Ensign

Description: Tom Paris is very successful considering his past. He was tried and convicted of treason for aiding the Maquis Rebellion shortly before Janeway came to him. Paris was sentenced to serve time in the Federation Penal Settlemant, where Janeway found him. She offered Paris early parole in exchange for serving as her informant on Chakotay and the Maquis. Once on Voyager, his piloting skills were realized, and he soon became chief helmsman. He is fascinated with 20th century earth (especially cars) and ship design. He also has some medical skills, as seen when he aids the doctor in sick bay in early season four. He is also known for his relationship with B’ Elanna Torres.

Name: B’ Elanna Torres

Rank: Lieutenant

Description: B’ Elanna Torres is a half-clingon, half-human, member of the Voyager crew. She was originally part of the maquis, and worked hand-in-hand with Chakotay. When she became part of the Voyager crew, she was positioned in engineering. She was promoted to chief engineer in late season one. She is best known for her short temper and stubborness, which is partly due to her Klingon half. She also had a relationship with Tom Paris.

Name: Tuvok

Rank: Lieutenant, later Lieutenant Commander

Description: Tuvok is a volcan who was originally based on the maquis vessel as an undercover member. When maquis and Voyager crews combined, it was discovered that he was positioned there by Captain Janeway. Once back on Voyager, he became cheif of security. He is known for is strong use of logic and reasoning, as well as his meditation and strong telepathic abilities.

Name: Chakotay

Description: Commander Chakotay has an ironic history. He was originally the leader of the maquis vessel being tracked by Voyager in the bad lands. When the two crews were forced to merge on Caretaker,  Captain Janeway appointed Chakotay as first officer. He is well known for his native american upbringing and strong sense of spirituality.

About the Captain

Name: Kathryn Janeway

Description: Captain Janeway took command of the USS Voyager in the year 2371, originally on a mission to locate a maquis vessel last seen in the delta quadrant. Janeway is the first and only female captain featured on any Star Trek series. She is resourceful, respectful, caring, cunning, diplomatic, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Her character is best displayed when she looks at her enemies and says, “Fire.”