Species Name: Vulcan

Origin: Vulcan, Alpha Quadrant

Description: Vulcans are characerized by their extreme use of logic and reasoning. All actions taken by a Vulcan are done because they are the most logical courses of action. Vulcans rarely lie, though they have the ability to, and have no sense of humor. They are not known for strong social skills or cheery dispostions, but rather for their strong mental abilities. Most know Vulcans for their mind melds.

A mind meld is a telepathic connection between the Vulcan and another being. This is achieved by the Vulcan placing his/her hands on another’s face (where on the face varies between situations), and repeating the words, “My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts.” From their, a telepathic link is established, and the two minds can interact with one another.

Vulcans on Voyager are Lt. Commander Tuvok and Ensign Vorik.