Category: Alien Species

About the Krenim


Species Name: Krenim

Origin: Krenim

Description: First seen in Year of Hell, the Krenim are a highly technilogically-advanced species which are spread across vast regions of space. They are usually found in groups, and have a strong sense of hierarchy within those groups. The Krenim’s most infamous achievement was the timeship, seen in Year of Hell, used to alter the past to create different futures. The Krenim are governed by the Krenim Imperium.



Species Name: Talaxian

Origin: Talax

Description: Talaxians first entered the Voyager series on Caretaker, and was not seen in any other series previously. Native to the Delta Quadrant, Talaxians are characterized by their spotted skin and scattered population. One would be hard pressed to find a group of Talaxians outside of their home planet. Neelix, the only Talaxian on board, also serves as the Cheif Moral Officer and “guide to the Delta Quadrant.” Neelix has a very strong sense of humor, a trait not usually seen in his relatives and Talaxian friends.

About Hirogen

Species Name: Hirogen

Origin: Delta Quadrant

Description: Hirogens are characterized by their love of “the hunt.” Their whole society is structured around roaming throughout the quadrant, killing other species and keeping peculiar parts of the species as “trophies.” They have no known homeworld, and are usually found in packs. Their hierarchy is similar to that of wolves: top is alpha, bottom is Omega. The packs, also called tribes, stay in touch with one another through an ancient communications network spaning all across the quadrant.

Voyager comes into contact with Voyager upon many occasions for different reasons. They appeared on the following episodes (to read episode descriptions, see Episodes on this site): Message in a Bottle, Hunters, Prey, The Killing Game (Parts I and II), Tsunkatse, and Flesh and Blood.


Species Name: 8472

Origin: Fluidic space

Description: Species 8472 was a species originally pursued by the borg. The borg saw how highly advanced the species was and wanted to add species 8472 to their collective. Unfortunately for the borg, they barely gave it a designation before the species fought back fiercly. Species 8472 wiped out cube after cube, saying “the weak shall perish.” This was where Voyager met the species in Scorpion, Parts I and II. After that encounter, species 8472 appeared two other times in episodes Prey, where the species was being pursued by Hirogen, and In the Flesh, where 8472 desguised themselves as humans. For a full description of the episodes, see Episodes-Season 3, 4, and 5 Noteables on this site.

Species Name: Ocampa

Origin: Ocampa, Delta Quadrant

Description: The characteristics of Ocampa differ between individuals. All Ocampa have telepathic abilities which can be strengthened if pursued further. Kes, the only Ocampa aboard Voyager, conitinued to work on her mental abilities throughout the show until she left in the early fourth season (further description, see Characters-Kes on this site). All Ocampa only have a life-span of nine years. In a sense, their aging process is like that of a dog: one year for an Ocampa is about 7-10 years in development.


Species Name: Klingon

Origin: Qo’noS, Kronos

Description: Klingons are arguably the most famous alien species in all of Star Trek history. Klingons are characterized by their strong sense of pride and a rather short temper. In their culture, a Klingon is only considered worthy of honor if he/she proves him/herself in battle. Great physical ability and fighting skills trump all other characteristics. In Voyager,  the only Klingon on board is B’ Elanna Torres, who is half-human, half-Klingon. As a result, B’ Elanna has a bad temper but still some control. For further description of B’ Elanna, see Characters – B’ Elanna Torres on this site.

About Vulcans

Species Name: Vulcan

Origin: Vulcan, Alpha Quadrant

Description: Vulcans are characerized by their extreme use of logic and reasoning. All actions taken by a Vulcan are done because they are the most logical courses of action. Vulcans rarely lie, though they have the ability to, and have no sense of humor. They are not known for strong social skills or cheery dispostions, but rather for their strong mental abilities. Most know Vulcans for their mind melds.

A mind meld is a telepathic connection between the Vulcan and another being. This is achieved by the Vulcan placing his/her hands on another’s face (where on the face varies between situations), and repeating the words, “My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts.” From their, a telepathic link is established, and the two minds can interact with one another.

Vulcans on Voyager are Lt. Commander Tuvok and Ensign Vorik.