I am not going to lie: this is one of my favorite episodes in the entire series. It has this incredible plot that I’ll try not to bore you too much with. Janeway and her crew encounter a sort of random ship that threatens them verbally but poses no real threat. Then, a Krenim ship comes into view, fires some unknown weapon of sorts, and suddenly, the first ship is gone. The Krenim ship is much larger, and Voyager is not in the best of sorts. But what could have caused this? Voyager slowly gets involved in an armed conflict with the Krenim imperium, and it doesn’t stop any time soon. It lasts over two months, and in one of Seven’s attempts at an advantage points gets them in even more trouble; they attract the attention of a Krenim time ship. It soon becomes very clear what has been going on: Annorax, “captain” of the time ship, desperately wants to rebuild the Krenim imperium, and has created this time ship to accomplish such a goal. The ship has a strong temporal influence, with the ability to change points in history. Planned out correctly, a small change can destroy an entire species from existence. Annorax feels that all destruction is very much worth it, as his family and the most of his people were destroyed the first time he used the time ship. A move to gain an advantage in his war landed him with the death (or lack of the lives) of his loved ones. Now, he only seeks to correct his mistake, constantly rewriting history in an attempt to get his family back. This has made him ruthless and desperate, unfortunately for Voyager. Paris and Chakotay have been captured aboard the ship, and it has its eyes set on destroying Voyager for disrupting its temporal abilities. Janeway orders all of the crew besides the senior staff to abandon ship, and they leave. Now, Janeway and the few remaining officers approach the difficult task of both getting their crew back and stopping the Krenim time ship from killing anyone else.