Janeway was forced to ask the crew to abandon ship, telling them that asking them to stay would be asking them to die. Now, with only the senior officers on board, the Voyager crew has been forced to take refuge in a class 9 nebula. With practically every system in the ship failing, Voyager is like a wounded soilder.
Chakotay and Tom Paris are still on the Krenim ship, where they are invited for a meal with food from every corner of the Quadrant. Or rather, what were corners of the Quadrant. All the food came from species which the Krenim had earased from history.
Annorax offers to do some “tinkering” to make it so Voyager might end up closer to home. He educates Chakotay on how the time ship works, and they try to find a way to reach a compromise. After all, as Annorax explains, Voyager is trying to get home, and Annorax is trying to get back his home which he so mistakenly destroyed. After a series of trials and errors (on a simulation of course) Chakotay discovers the importance of small factors in the timeline of events. Even getting rid of one commet could mean total distruction of a race.
For once, Annorax has someone who simpathizes with him.
Meanwhile, Janeway tries to repair the ship as much as possible, and insists that they leave the safety of the nebula to pursue Annorax, even though they are not opperating at peek efficiancy.
Paris is eager to start a mutiny on the time ship, knowing that Annorax is the only member of the crew who hasn’t lost his motivation to continue the mission. Desperate, Annorax ignores Chakotay’s pleas to avoid any and all further distruction of races. Chakotay tries to be diplomatic, but Paris becomes impatient. Tom finds a crew member that is willing to help him, and Paris plans to send a message to Voyager. The harder part will be disabling the temperal core, thus bringing the time ship back into “real time” so Voyager will stand a chance.
Janeway has formed alliances with two neighboring species, who have agreed to help them disable the ship. All goes according to plan, and the time ship and Voyager go into battle. Voyager’s allies are quickly destroyed, and Voyager is soon rendered defenseless. In a desperate move, Janeway rams Voyager into the time ship like an angry bull, destroying it and earasing it from history. Thus, Annorax’s family is back, Voyager and its crew is restored, and all is well. Back one year again, the Voyager’s meeting with the Krenim is a friendly one, as everyone goes about their lives, not knowing that the other future ever happened. As Janeway says, this seems to be a good year upandcoming.