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Janeway: “Tuvok, I can hear your objections already. I am not leaving.”
Tuvok: “Given Voyager’s damaged state, the probability of your surviving an armed conflict … is marginal.”
Janeway: “Oh, I know the odds. But I have to stay. Voyager’s done too much for us.”
Tuvok: “Curious. I have never understood the Human compulsion to emotionally bond with inanimate objects. This vessel has done nothing. It is an assemblage of bulkheads, conduits, tritanium – nothing more.”
Janeway: “Oh, you’re wrong. It’s much more than that. This ship has been our home. It’s kept us together. It’s been part of our family. As illogical as this might sound, I feel as close to Voyager as I do to any other member of my crew. It’s carried us, Tuvok. Even nurtured us. And right now, it needs one of us.”
Tuvok: “I respect your decision. Live long and prosper, Captain.”
Janeway: “Same to you, … old friend.”

~Year of Hell, Part II


About the Krenim


Species Name: Krenim

Origin: Krenim

Description: First seen in Year of Hell, the Krenim are a highly technilogically-advanced species which are spread across vast regions of space. They are usually found in groups, and have a strong sense of hierarchy within those groups. The Krenim’s most infamous achievement was the timeship, seen in Year of Hell, used to alter the past to create different futures. The Krenim are governed by the Krenim Imperium.


Species Name: Talaxian

Origin: Talax

Description: Talaxians first entered the Voyager series on Caretaker, and was not seen in any other series previously. Native to the Delta Quadrant, Talaxians are characterized by their spotted skin and scattered population. One would be hard pressed to find a group of Talaxians outside of their home planet. Neelix, the only Talaxian on board, also serves as the Cheif Moral Officer and “guide to the Delta Quadrant.” Neelix has a very strong sense of humor, a trait not usually seen in his relatives and Talaxian friends.

“Seven of Nine”

Greetings! This is the 3rd GIG, or Google Images Goof. “Seven of Nine” was searched in Google, and these are the wacky results.

1. imagesCAQPMK2H
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7. seven-of-nine-why-not-nine-of-nine and white girl
9. politician
10. seven%20of%20nine


Seven of Nine is able to extend the range of Voyager’s sensors, and finds an unattended alien communication network. Using the sensor stations, Seven is able to detect a starfleet vessel in the Alpha Quadrant. Hearing about this, Janeway immediately tries to send a message to the vessel, but it bounces right back to Voyager because it degraded en route. After contemplating a possible solution, the crew theorizes that a holographic message would be stronger, and not degrade as quickly. So, the Doctor is sent on an away mission – one to the starfleet vessel in the Alpha Quadrant. His mission – to inform Starfleet where Voyager is.
Transported successfully, the Doctor finds himself on the starship Prometheus, an experimental starship developed in secret by the federation. The Doctor’s first encounter is with an injured crew member, who uses his dying breath to tell the Doctor the ship has been taken over by a band of Romulans. Federation learns of this soon, and begins attacking Premetheus. The romulans use a method known as the multi-vector assault mode, which splits the ship in three.
During all of this, the Doctor is very confused, and activates the ship’s EMH for assistance. The EMH Mark II, as he was called, agreed to help the Doctor reclaim the ship. Their plan was to knock the romulans unconscious by releasing anesthetizing gasees through the ship’s atmospheric ventilation systems.
The Doctor says that there is an infection on board, and nearly fools the romulans into opening the ventilation. However, he is captured and interrogated. Fortunately, this created enough of a diversion for the EMH Mark II to open the ventilation himself. The romulans are rendered unconscious, and the EMH Mark II and the Doctor (being holograms with no need of the atmospheric systems) are now in control of the ship. Unfortunately, before either one of them can even sit down, three more romulan ships approach, thinking that the ship is open for their taking.
Of course, neither EMH is very familiar with the helm control, so they both randomly say attacks in hopes of defeating the romulans. Remembering it from before, the Doctor proposes using the multi-vector assault mode. Soon enough, three starfleet vessels show up to reclaim the ship, thinking the romulans still control the vessel. The Doctor and the EMH Mark II manage to inform starfleet that they are in control before being destroyed.
So, with all the romulan trouble resolved, the Doctor fulfills his mission, informing starfleet that the Voyager crew is in fact alive, and their whereabouts.
Back at Voyager, the crew learns that the communications network was not abandoned, but in fact owned by Hirogens. They insist that Voyager cease usage of the system, but the Doctor is not back yet. Seven manages to distract them with a feedback loop long enough to get the Doctor back.
Back on Voyager, the Doctor tells the crew that Voyager has been taken off the list of destroyed ships and that all families are being informed of Voyager’s situation. The crew look foward to more word from home.

Episode 83: Hunters


This is where we first see a real encounter with the Hirogen. StarFleet has finally able to contact Voyager through a series of transmission arrays belonging to the Hirogen. Voyager is very excited to hear back from home, that is, until the Hirogen demand they stop using the arrays. Of course, Janeway refuses and continues to recover letters from home being transmitted over the array.

Letters continue to be downloaded, spreading good and bad news alike. Tuvok learns there is another addition to his family, while Janeway learns her fiance has married another woman, having given her up as dead for three years. Chakotay and Torres learn that a large majority of their Maquis friends have been imprisoned or killed by the Cardassians and their new Dominion allies. Tom Paris, facing the possibility of a difficult letter from home, realizes his own problems pale in relation to Torres’ news. Tuvok and Seven of Nine go to the array in an attempt to retrieve more of the data, however, they are soon captured by the Hirogen.

Tuvok and Seven are actively tortured by the Hunters, but they are soon rescued by the Voyager crew. However, the communications array can no longer be used, despite all attempts from Janeway and the crew.

Note: The information in the Second Paragraph, refering to the content of the letters, was obtained through a wikipedia article. To view it in full, click here:


This is the episode where the Hirogens and species 8472 meet. A lone 8472, left behind by its mates, is found by a Hirogen on the hunt. Seeing it as a great, rare beast, he tracks it in hopes of using its skull as a trophy. However, though the 8472 is wounded, it still proves to be a very difficult prey to catch. The hirogen is wounded and recovered by the Voyager crew. However, he is not a happy patient. He is eager to get back to the hunt.
The Voyager crew soon finds out that this “prey” is 8472, and they of course start to worry. Before they can even begin to think, it is discovered that the prey has boarded Voyager. The Hirogen wants the beast killed, but 8472 telepathically pleads with Tuvok for help and safe return to fluidic space. Janeway hears of the alien’s desires and agrees to help.
Before long, more Hirogen ships surround Voyager, demanding 8472 be beemed aboard. What’s worse, the Hirogen on board is insistant on finding 8472 as well.
Janeway asks 7 of 9 to help return the alien home, but she is resistant; she doesn’t believe the life of the 8472 is worth saving if it meant that the Hirogens would destroy Voyager. When she finally finds 8472, the Hirogen has already found him and is attacking him. Seven doesn’t comply with Janeway’s orders and instead beems them both to the Hirogen ship. With that, the Hirogens leave.
Janeway immediatly reproaches Seven for disobeying direct orders, restricting her to the Cargo bay and limiting her access to the computers.