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I am not going to lie: this is one of my favorite episodes in the entire series. It has this incredible plot that I’ll try not to bore you too much with. Janeway and her crew encounter a sort of random ship that threatens them verbally but poses no real threat. Then, a Krenim ship comes into view, fires some unknown weapon of sorts, and suddenly, the first ship is gone. The Krenim ship is much larger, and Voyager is not in the best of sorts. But what could have caused this? Voyager slowly gets involved in an armed conflict with the Krenim imperium, and it doesn’t stop any time soon. It lasts over two months, and in one of Seven’s attempts at an advantage points gets them in even more trouble; they attract the attention of a Krenim time ship. It soon becomes very clear what has been going on: Annorax, “captain” of the time ship, desperately wants to rebuild the Krenim imperium, and has created this time ship to accomplish such a goal. The ship has a strong temporal influence, with the ability to change points in history. Planned out correctly, a small change can destroy an entire species from existence. Annorax feels that all destruction is very much worth it, as his family and the most of his people were destroyed the first time he used the time ship. A move to gain an advantage in his war landed him with the death (or lack of the lives) of his loved ones. Now, he only seeks to correct his mistake, constantly rewriting history in an attempt to get his family back. This has made him ruthless and desperate, unfortunately for Voyager. Paris and Chakotay have been captured aboard the ship, and it has its eyes set on destroying Voyager for disrupting its temporal abilities. Janeway orders all of the crew besides the senior staff to abandon ship, and they leave. Now, Janeway and the few remaining officers approach the difficult task of both getting their crew back and stopping the Krenim time ship from killing anyone else.


Robert Beltran


This is our beloved Commander Chakotay, in 2014. He is still an actor and is currently playing a part in a soon-to-be-out move, Resiliant . Yes, it is a sci-fi. By the way, Beltran repeatedly expressed great hatred towards his years of working on Voyager. Not exactly how we remember him, huh?


Look carefully, do you recognize Kathryn? That’s right, this is Kate Mulgrew, right now. She has diverged from trekhood and turned to Orange is the New Black, playing Red, the head chef at the prison. To get the full bio on her character, click here:

“Coffee, black…” as Janeway has frequently requested. The job of creating coffee and millions of other food and items belongs to one thing: the replicator. The best way to describe a replicator would be a transporter with a different purpose. Just like a transporter stores genetic makeup in a data file, a replicator stores billions of molecules that can be arranged in practically any order, creating anything one could want. Best of all, the process can be reversed, so something like a dirty plate could be dematerialized and stored for later re-materialization into a clean one.
Everything created by the replicator is real, just like everything that is a collection of molecules today is real. The difference is the ability to customize according to the user’s liking. If you’re craving alfredo but don’t want all the calories, just ask – the replicator can easily create a zero-calorie alfredo dish just for you. If you always loved Shakspere but wanted illustrations too, just ask – it can create a wonderfully illustrated version of Hamlet. The possibilities are endless, but there is a certain limitation.
Due to the common science law that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, the replicator can’t “create” more atoms for re-materialization. So, there is a finite supply of molecules in Voyager’s replicators. Because some of the things replicated aren’t returned in their entirety, that supply could quickly run out. Hence the need for rations arose, especially because Voyager had such a long journey ahead of them. Rations became so valuable, they were like money – if you wanted something valuable, you’d have to sacrifice other things and save up. This is where objects like Harry’s clarinet came into play. So, as incredible as the invention is, it still has its draw-backs. Use it wisely.
I don’t know everything. I did a bit of research before creating this article. If you want a more extensive explanation, click here:

The 37s

This link will lead you straight to the full episode from season 2. Just watch and enjoy!×08-year-of-hell-part-1/2472970×09-year-of-hell-part-2/2473178


Janeway was forced to ask the crew to abandon ship, telling them that asking them to stay would be asking them to die. Now, with only the senior officers on board, the Voyager crew has been forced to take refuge in a class 9 nebula. With practically every system in the ship failing, Voyager is like a wounded soilder.
Chakotay and Tom Paris are still on the Krenim ship, where they are invited for a meal with food from every corner of the Quadrant. Or rather, what were corners of the Quadrant. All the food came from species which the Krenim had earased from history.
Annorax offers to do some “tinkering” to make it so Voyager might end up closer to home. He educates Chakotay on how the time ship works, and they try to find a way to reach a compromise. After all, as Annorax explains, Voyager is trying to get home, and Annorax is trying to get back his home which he so mistakenly destroyed. After a series of trials and errors (on a simulation of course) Chakotay discovers the importance of small factors in the timeline of events. Even getting rid of one commet could mean total distruction of a race.
For once, Annorax has someone who simpathizes with him.
Meanwhile, Janeway tries to repair the ship as much as possible, and insists that they leave the safety of the nebula to pursue Annorax, even though they are not opperating at peek efficiancy.
Paris is eager to start a mutiny on the time ship, knowing that Annorax is the only member of the crew who hasn’t lost his motivation to continue the mission. Desperate, Annorax ignores Chakotay’s pleas to avoid any and all further distruction of races. Chakotay tries to be diplomatic, but Paris becomes impatient. Tom finds a crew member that is willing to help him, and Paris plans to send a message to Voyager. The harder part will be disabling the temperal core, thus bringing the time ship back into “real time” so Voyager will stand a chance.
Janeway has formed alliances with two neighboring species, who have agreed to help them disable the ship. All goes according to plan, and the time ship and Voyager go into battle. Voyager’s allies are quickly destroyed, and Voyager is soon rendered defenseless. In a desperate move, Janeway rams Voyager into the time ship like an angry bull, destroying it and earasing it from history. Thus, Annorax’s family is back, Voyager and its crew is restored, and all is well. Back one year again, the Voyager’s meeting with the Krenim is a friendly one, as everyone goes about their lives, not knowing that the other future ever happened. As Janeway says, this seems to be a good year upandcoming.

Janeway: “Tuvok, I can hear your objections already. I am not leaving.”
Tuvok: “Given Voyager’s damaged state, the probability of your surviving an armed conflict … is marginal.”
Janeway: “Oh, I know the odds. But I have to stay. Voyager’s done too much for us.”
Tuvok: “Curious. I have never understood the Human compulsion to emotionally bond with inanimate objects. This vessel has done nothing. It is an assemblage of bulkheads, conduits, tritanium – nothing more.”
Janeway: “Oh, you’re wrong. It’s much more than that. This ship has been our home. It’s kept us together. It’s been part of our family. As illogical as this might sound, I feel as close to Voyager as I do to any other member of my crew. It’s carried us, Tuvok. Even nurtured us. And right now, it needs one of us.”
Tuvok: “I respect your decision. Live long and prosper, Captain.”
Janeway: “Same to you, … old friend.”

~Year of Hell, Part II

About the Krenim


Species Name: Krenim

Origin: Krenim

Description: First seen in Year of Hell, the Krenim are a highly technilogically-advanced species which are spread across vast regions of space. They are usually found in groups, and have a strong sense of hierarchy within those groups. The Krenim’s most infamous achievement was the timeship, seen in Year of Hell, used to alter the past to create different futures. The Krenim are governed by the Krenim Imperium.


Species Name: Talaxian

Origin: Talax

Description: Talaxians first entered the Voyager series on Caretaker, and was not seen in any other series previously. Native to the Delta Quadrant, Talaxians are characterized by their spotted skin and scattered population. One would be hard pressed to find a group of Talaxians outside of their home planet. Neelix, the only Talaxian on board, also serves as the Cheif Moral Officer and “guide to the Delta Quadrant.” Neelix has a very strong sense of humor, a trait not usually seen in his relatives and Talaxian friends.